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  • CT Scape 2019
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  • 2019-05-08 10:39:36|
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CT Scape 2019 let you know about all of KAIST Graduate School of Culture Technology (GSCT)!

KAIST GSCT researches science technology, humanities, art, and various fields for innovating a culture industry and leading a future culture. CTScape 2019 is the event that introduces to you about GSCT.

1. Date: 2019. 5. 23.(Thu)~24.(Fri)

2. Location: KAIST GSCT (N25, N5, CT Garden)

3. Programs and Participants
 1) Entrance Examination Session: Who has an interest in applying M.S. and Ph.D. course of GSCT
 2) SymCT (International academic symposium): Who has interest in speeches of great scholars and researches of GSCT 
 3) OpenCT (Open Lab): Who wants to experience the latest research result of GSCT

4. Registration (Lunch for registered people)

5. Homepage,

6. Contact
KAIST GSCT Phone: 042)350-2902~4

There will be a full-time entrance examination session and booth for a QnA session. Also, various enjoyable events will be prepared for you. We look forward to your attendance.

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