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Graduate School of Culture Technology (GSCT)-KAIST invites applications for 4 (four) tenure-track faculty position openings in the following areas:
  1. Creative Technology (HCI, AI, Audio, Music, Design, Visual Computing)
  2. Human & Culture Science (Affective Science, Network Science)
  3. Culture Industry (Games, Virtual Reality, Art and Technology, Exhibition, Performance)

Requirements and Priority:
  1. Doctoral Degree (Ph.D., DPhil, or equivalent) at the point of application or appointment. Doctoral candidates must pass their final dissertation examination within six (6) months from the date of submission of the application (a guarantee of such schedule must be submitted by one’s advisor concurrently), and must obtain their degree before appointment at KAIST. 
  2. Outstanding research achievements, and potential for excellent education and research.
  3. Commitment to new fields, interdisciplinary research, and cooperation with the industry.
  4. Ability to lecture in English.
  5. Female and non-Korean candidates will be given priority in case the final evaluation scores are tied.
  6. Applicants must:
    a. be in sound legal standing in accordance with Section 33 of National Civil Service Act;
    b. hold an active legal citizenship;
    c. not have evaded national military service;
    d. pass a physical exam before appointment.

Evaluation Process
  1. Departmental document subcommittee evaluation
  2. Departmental committee deep evaluation
  3. Seminar, in-person interview, departmental committee re-evaluation
  4. Interview with executives or university committee evaluation (for tenured associate professorship or full professorship).

Application Submission Window
  - February 24, 2021 ~ March 25, 2021

Documents to Submit:
  - Application (use the prescribed form)
  - Major research accomplishments, teaching plans, research plans (use the prescribed forms)
  - Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement (use the prescribed form)
  - Publication list (use the prescribed form)
  - Curriculum Vitae (CV)  
  - Three (3) or more recommendation letters for Assistant or Associate Professorships, and six (6) of more for tenured Associate Professorships or Full Professorships. Applicable only to those invited to an in-person interview (to be notified individually).

How and Where to Submit
  - Via e-mail to GSCT Faculty Search Committee Chair at

  - Documents will be returned once submitted.
  - Documents should not contain personnel information that may prejudice the committee (name of one’s school, place of origin, looks and appearances, family members, date of birth, etc.), or false information.
  - Applicants are solely responsible for the contents of the documents, and appointment offers may be rescinded if inappropriateness or falsehoods are discovered later.

  - Professor Juyong Park (e-mail: / landline: +82-42-350-2924) of GSCT

  - Announcement and Prescribed Forms
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