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PARK Juyong
PARK Juyong Associate Professor
  • Complex Networks
  • Statistical Physics
  • Network Science
  • Information Science
  • Humanities and Arts
  • 이메일

    juyongp (at)

  • 연구실

    Bldg. N25, Room 3230

  • 전화번호

    +82 42 350 2924

  • Degree
    • B.S. in Physics, Seoul National University
    • M.S. & Ph.D. in Physics & Complex Systems, University of Michigan (2006)
  • Professor biography

    After professor Joo-Yong Park graduated from Seoul National University with a degree in physics, he went to the University of Michigan (Ann-Arbor) for a Ph.D. in statistical physics, network science, and complex sciences. He then took on the role of a researcher at the Harvard Dayna-Farber Cancer Institute and researched System’s biology. He is currently researching physics culture at KAIST’s Graduate School of Culture and Technology. He is also the co-producer of the basalt symbol “Pandorane” in Jeju Island, and has worked as a curator for Daejon Museum of Art’s “How to View: Project X. During College.
    Professor Joo-Yong Park fell in love with American football and created a ranking algorithm for college teams. He is still passionate about American football and enjoys riding bicycles and motorcycles in his spare time.

  • Lecture subject
    • GCT675 CulturoInformatics
    • GCT561 Scientific concept and thinking
  • Representative research
    • The first Korean senior editor of Nature-affiliated science
    • culture and art convergence journal (Palgrave Communication)
  • Record
    • Associate Professor, Graduate School of Culture Technology, KAIST (2012 - Present)