KAIST Cultural Technology Research Institute (CTRI) is established and operated to foster interdisciplinary research in the field of Culture Technology. It started as a Culture Technology Research Center in 2006, renamed as a Culture Technology Research Institute in 2012, and reorganized its operation system focusing on its research center in 2021. A vision and a role of the CTRI is to lead creating global values in the cultural industry and ‘contribute to happiness and prosperity of mankind’ through ‘CT R&D interdisciplinary research that answers questions’. As for now, CTRI is composed of a total of three research centers and one research initiative, including the Future Game Research Center, Augmented Humans Research Center, Qreative Intelligence Research Center, and Digital Cultural Heritage Initiative. Roughly twenty faculty members, ten researchers, and one hundred and thirty graduate students have been participating in various interdisciplinary researches.
Vision and Role
- Leading global value creation in the cultural industry and contributing to the happiness and prosperity of mankind
- Establishment and operation of an open industry-academic interdisciplinary research platform to secure new growth engines in the cultural industry
- Performing pace-setting CT R&D by pioneering and preoccupying a new cultural industry in U-tact era
- Selecting core fields reflecting future demands of the cultural industry and conducting interdisciplinary research focused on the research center
- Conducting interdisciplinary research focusing on a mid to long term convergence research plan to “answer questions,” led by full-time researchers
- Early acquisition of proprietary CT technology and expansion of cultural industry fields through open industry-academic cooperation
2006. 05. Established as a Culture Technology Research Center (Director: WOHN Kwangyun)
2012. 10. Approval of Culture Technology Research Institute establishment
2012. 12. Renamed to Culture Technology Research Institute (Director: LEE Dongman)
2016. 05. Reorganization of the Culture Technology Research Institute (Director: NOH Junyong)
2020. 09. Reorganization of the institute focused on the Research Center (Director: WOO Woontack)
Organization Chart