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  • Jaehong Ahn  Visiting Professor
    Digital Heritage
    Degree: PhD (2015), Culture Technology,
    Email: ahnjaehong@kaist.ac.kr
    Phone: +82-42-350-2991
    Office: N25 #3228
    Lab: Digital Heritage Lab
  • Jean-Charles Bazin  Assistant Professor

    Visual Computing & Machine Learning
    Degree: PhD (2011), Electrical Engineering,
    Email: bazinjc@kaist.ac.kr
    Phone: +82-42-350-2928
    Office: N5 #2331
    Lab: Computational Media Lab
  • Meeyoung Cha  Adjunct Professor

    Computer Science
    Associate Professor, School of Computing
    Degree: PhD (2008), Computer Science,
    Email: meeyoungcha@kaist.ac.kr
    Phone: +82-42-350-3574
    Office: E3-1 #2425
    Lab: Social Computing Lab
  • Young Yim Doh  Visiting Professor
    Cyberpsychology, Game Studies
    Degree: PhD (2009), Psychology,
    Yonsei University
    Email: yydoh@kaist.ac.kr
    Phone: +82-42-350-2994
    Office: N25 #3222
    Lab: Games and Life Group
  • Bong Gwan Jun  Adjunct Professor
    Professor, School of Humanities & Social Sciences
    Degree: PhD (2003), Korean Language and Literature,
    Seoul National University
    Email: junbg@kaist.ac.kr
    Phone: +82-42-350-4633
    Office: N4 #1409
    Lab: Communicative Interaction Lab
  • Jeounghoon Kim  Adjunct Professor
    Human Vision, Cognitive Science
    Professor, School of Humanities & Social Sciences
    Degree: PhD (1994), Biopsychology,
    University of Chicago
    Email: miru@kaist.ac.kr
    Phone: +82-42-350-4628
    Office: N4 #1419
    Lab: Cognitive Science Lab
  • Byungjoo Lee  Assistant Professor

    HCI, New Media Art
    Degree: PhD (2014), Mechanical Engineering,
    Seoul National University
    Email: byungjoo.lee@kaist.ac.kr
    Phone: +82-42-350-2927
    Office: N5 #2324
    Lab: Interactive Media Lab
  • Ji-Hyun Lee  Associate Professor

    Computational Design
    Degree: PhD (2002), Architecture,
    Carnegie Mellon University
    Email: jihyunlee@kaist.ac.kr
    Phone: +82-42-350-2919
    Office: N25 #3237
    Lab: Information-Based Design Research Group
  • Sung-Hee Lee  Associate Professor

    Computer Animation, Virtual Human/Avatar
    Degree: PhD (2008), Computer Science,
    University of California, Los Angeles
    Email: sunghee.lee@kaist.ac.kr
    Phone: +82-42-350-2925
    Office: N5 #2333
    Lab: Motion Computing Lab
  • Wonjae Lee  Visiting Professor
    Social Network Analysis
    Degree: PhD (2009), Sociology,
    University of Chicago
    Email: wnjlee@kaist.ac.kr
    Phone: +82-42-350-2995
    Office: N25 #3221
    Lab: Social Computing Lab
  • Juhan Nam  Assistant Professor

    Music Technology, Audio Signal Processing,
    Music Information Retrieval
    Degree: PhD (2013), Music,
    Stanford University
    Email: juhannam@kaist.ac.kr
    Phone: +82-42-350-2926
    Office: N25 #3236
    Lab: Music and Audio Computing Lab
  • Junyong Noh  Professor, Head

    Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Animation,
    Immersive Display
    Degree: PhD (2002), Computer Science,
    University of Southern California
    Email: junyongnoh@kaist.ac.kr
    Phone: +82-42-350-2918
    Office: N5 #2334
    Lab: Visual Media Lab
  • Juyong Park  Associate Professor
    Theoretical Statistical Physics (Network Science)
    Degree: PhD (2006), Physics,
    University of Michigan
    Email: juyongp@kaist.ac.kr
    Phone: +82-42-350-2924
    Office: N25 #3230
    Lab: Cultural Complexity & Network Science Group
  • Chung-Kon Shi  Adjunct Professor
    Language Engineering, Digital Communication
    Professor, School of Humanities & Social Sciences
    Degree: PhD (1994), Korean Language and Literature,
    Korea University
    Email: chungkon@kaist.ac.kr
    Phone: +82-42-350-4630
    Office: N4 #1406
    Lab: Communicative Interaction Lab
  • Sungju Woo  Visiting Professor

    Emotion Studies
    Degree: DEA (2002), Histoire et civilisations,
    École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales
    Email: woo1016@kaist.ac.kr
    Phone: +82-42-350-2989
    Office: N25 #3234
    Lab: Emotion Technology Lab
  • Woontack Woo  Professor

    Augmented Reality, 3D Vision, Digilog UI/UX
    Degree: PhD (1998), Electrical Engineering-Systems,
    University of Southern California
    Email: wwoo@kaist.ac.kr
    Phone: +82-42-350-2923
    Office: N5 #2323
    Lab: Ubiquitous Virtual Reality Lab
  • Kwangyun Wohn  Emeritus Professor

    CG/VR, HCI
    Chairman, National Research Council of Science & Technology
    Degree: PhD (1984), Computer Science,
    University of Maryland, College Park
    Email: wohn@kaist.ac.kr
    Phone: +82-42-350-2911
    Office: N25 #3232
    Lab: Experience Lab
  • Wonjoon Kim  Adjunct Professor

    Economics, Quantitative Marketing, Strategy
    Associate Professor, School of Business and Tech. Mgmt.
    Degree: PhD (2003), Economics,
    Seoul National University
    Email: wonjoon.kim@kaist.ac.kr
    Phone: +82-42-350-4336
    Office: N5 #2116
    Lab: Cultural Management & Policy Lab
  • Dong-Soo Kwon  Adjunct Professor

    Human-Robot Interaction
    Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Degree: PhD (1991), Mechanical Engineering,
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    Email: kwonds@kaist.ac.kr
    Phone: +82-42-350-3042
    Office: N7 #4101
  • Dongman Lee  Adjunct Professor

    Ubiquitous & Social Computing
    Professor, School of Computing
    Degree: PhD (1987), Computer Science,
    Email: dlee@cs.kaist.ac.kr
    Phone: +82-42-350-3559
    Office: N1 #803
    Lab: Social Computing Lab
  • Byungho Park  Adjunct Professor

    Media Psychology, Neuromarketing
    Associate Professor, School of Management Engineering
    Degree: PhD (2006), Telecommunications,
    Indiana University, Bloomington
    Email: mediapark@business.kaist.ac.kr
    Phone: +82-2-958-3514
    Office: S288, Seoul Campus
    Lab: Communicative Interaction Lab
  • Andrew Li  Adjunct Professor

    Computational Design
    Associate Professor, Design Eng. and Management,
    Kyoto Institute of Technology
    Degree: PhD (2001), Architecture,
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Email: i@andrew.li
  • Tack Woo  Adjunct Professor
    Game Studies
    Associate Professor, Digital Contents, Kyung Hee Univ.
    Degree: PhD (2009), Electronic Imaging,
    University of Dundee
    Email: twoo@khu.ac.kr
    Phone: +82-31-201-3890
    Office: Global Campus, Kyung Hee University
    Lab: Experience Lab
  • Chong Wook Park  Research Professor
    Degree: PhD (1992), Literatura Española,
    Universidad Complutense de Madrid
    Email: simon-park@kaist.ac.kr