Graduate School of Culture Technology was established in 2005 under the support of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. It aims to promote the domestic cultural content business as future nation core key industries through fostering interdisciplinary top-level human resources based on cutting-edge technology with grafting cultural arts and sociology.

Best Paper Presentation Award, 2019 Spring Conference of KSSS | Sangeon YONG (PhD student)
2019 Spring Conference of the Korean Society of Speech Sciences
Best Paper Presentation Award
  - Authors: Sangeon YONG(PhD student), Juhan NAM(Advisor)

Computer-Aided Architectural Design – CAAD futures 2019
Wed, Jun 26 – Fri, Jun 28, 2019 | N25 & N1, KAIST

Keynote: Emeritus Prof. Kwangyun WOHN (Chairman, NST)
Organizing Committee Chair: Prof. Ji-Hyun LEE


International Symposium on Electronic Art – ISEA2019
Sat, Jun 22 – Fri, Jun 28, 2019 | Asia Culture Center, Gwangju
Host: Gwangju City, Asia Culture Center, KAIST Graduate School of Culture Technology

Keynote: Emeritus Prof. Kwangyun WOHN (Chairman, NST)
Organizing Committee: Prof. Juyong PARK, Juhan NAM, Byungjoo LEE


[CT Colloquium] May 28 | Sungsun, PARK (Artistic Director, MIRI Opera)
Date & Time : 2019-06-04 Tue 4:00~5:30 PM
Place : N25 #3229 PAIK Nam June Hall
Title : Requirements for attractive arts education contents-Focusing on case analysis of planning and production
Speaker : Sungsun, PARK (Artistic Director, MIRI Opera)

※ This majority of this colloquium will be given in Korean.

The colloquium format has be ...