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[CT Colloquium] Dec 10 | Park Hung Sun (Media Artist)

Date & Time : 2019-12-10 Tue 4:00~5:30 PM

Place : N25 #3229 PAIK Nam June Hall

Title : Media art beyond technology

Speaker : Park Jung Sun (Media Artist)



2018 Ph.D. Graduate School of Culture Technology KAIST, Korea 

2013 M.S. Graduate School of Culture Technology KAIST, Korea 

2001 M.F.A.(Aufbaustudium) Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, Germany 

1997 B.F.A. College of Fine Art, Seoul National University, Korea 


Solo Exhibition 

2017 , Trout Fishing Gallery, Daejeon, Korea 

2015 , Byunbang Gallery, Daejeon, Korea 

2002 , Daejeon Citizens Hall, Daejeon, Korea 


Group Exhibition 

2019 Exhibition for Ungno Lee Bamboo & Abstract Letter, KAIST Vision Hall, Daejeon, Korea 

2018 Artience Daejeon 2018, Daejeon Artist House, Daejeon, Korea 

2018 , D Museum, Seoul, Korea 

2017 Science Art 2017 , Jeju Museum Of Art, Jeju, Korea 

2017 , KRICT Space C#, Daejeon, Korea 

2017 Artience Daejeon 17 Exhibition, Parking Gallery, Daejeon, Korea 

2017 10th Cheongju Craft Biennale Main Exhibition Section 3 Aesthetic Relationship, Cheongju, Korea 

2017 interactive Sound Video Installation , Leeungno Museum, Daejeon, Korea 

2016 Local CT Festival , Jejudo, Korea 

2016 , Jungdong Small Museum, Daejeon, Korea 

2016 Paris Leeungno Residence Report, Daejeon Cityhall, Daejeon, Korea 

2015 Paris Leeungno Residence Open studio , Vaux-sur-Seine, France 

2014 ArtiST Project, Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejeon, Korea 

2014 , Soma Museum, Seoul, Korea 

2014 Sapporo International Art Festival(SIAF 2014), Sapporo, Japan 

2012 Special exhibition, House of Eungno Lee, Hongseong, Korea 

2012 , Spacessee, Daejeon, Korea 

2010 Mix-Media Drawing Special Exhibition, Spacessee, Daejeon, Korea 

2009 Daein Market Art Project Media Exhibition, Kwangju, Korea 

2007 Daejeon FAST 2007 , Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejeon, Korea


※ This majority of this colloquium will be given in Korean.

The colloquium format has been slightly revised, as follows:

* 4:00-5:00 PM Guest Speaker Talk, 5:00-5:30 PM Q&A / Discussion (Mandatory)

* Professors and students from other departments are always welcome.