[CT Colloquium] May 21 | Steven Euijong Whang (Professor, KAIST EE)
[CT Colloquium] May 14 | Bongwon SUH (Professor, Seoul National University)
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[CT Colloquium] May 07 | Seok Ho Yoon (Principal Researcher, KIMM)
[CT Colloquium] Apr 09 | Mincheol WHANG (Professor, Sangmyung University)
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[CT Colloquium] Mar 5 | Seunghye SUN (Director, Daejeon Museum of Art)
[GSCT Colloquium] 18.11.06 (Tue.) | Changkyung Kim (Hanyang Univ.)

Title : If you are unlucky, you are able to live for 200 years.

Speaker : Changkyung Kim, Hanyang Univ.

Time : 2018.11.6 (Tue), 2018, 16:00~17:30

Place : N25, #3229


※ This seminar will be given in Korean.


The seminar format has been slightly revised, as follows:

* 4:00-5:00pm Guest Speaker Talk, 5:00-5:30pm Q&A / Discussion (Mandatory)

* Professors and students from other departments are always welcome.