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2017/04/04  GSCTiCal

Augmenting Interactions Using Wearable and Tangible Interfaces
일시 : 2017. 4. 4 (화) 16:00~17:30
장소 : GSCT 백남준홀 (N25, #3229)
연사 : Andrea Bianchi / KAIST 산업디자인학과
주제 : Augmenting Interactions Using Wearable and Tangible Interfaces

*Assistant professor in the Department of Industrial Design at KAIST and director of the MAKinteract lab
*Works in the field of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and research about tangible interactions, wearable interfaces and augmented senses. 
*Assistant professor at Sungkyunkwan University in the department of Computer Science. 
*PhD from KAIST in 2012 working on a thesis about haptic interfaces for PIN and password authentication. 
*Before PhD, a video game programmer in a startup in New York. 
*Master's in Computer Science (MS) from New York University (USA), and a bachelor degree in business administration (BS+MS) from Bocconi University (Italy). 
*Published in several major HCI venues, including CHI, UIST, TEI, MobileHCI, IEEE Computer, Interacting with Computers, and served the community as program committee and reviewer for several of these. 
*Work was covered in the news by Engadget, ZDnet, New Scientist, MAKE, Gizmodo, Slashdot, and more.

* 4:00-5:00pm 연사 강연, 5:00-5:30pm Q&A 및 자유토론 (Mandatory)
* CT세미나에 참석하고 싶으신 타과 교수님 또는 학생분들은 언제든지 환영합니다. 

※ This seminar will be given in English.

GSCT Colloquium

Time : 4. April. (Tue), 2017, 16:00~17:30
Place : N25, #3229
Speaker : Andrea Bianchi
Title : Augmenting Interactions Using Wearable and Tangible Interfaces

The seminar format has been slightly revised, as follows:
* 4:00-5:00pm Guest Speaker Talk, 5:00-5:30pm Q&A / Discussion (Mandatory)
* Professors and students from other departments are always welcome.

* For further information, please email us at colloquium@ct.kaist.ac.kr
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