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Published: KAIST 2017 Annual R&D Report

A Study for Metadata Structure and Recommender of Biological Systems to Support a Bio-inspired Design
Graduate School of Culture Technology | Ji-Hyun Lee · Sun-Joong Kim

Bio-inspired design is the design method encouraging breakthrough innovations by stimulating analogical reasoning of designers. However, most of the time, designers choose wrong metaphors to do the bio-inspired design. As long as they are novice in natural science, this problem cannot be solved. To resolve this problem, the recommendation system has been developed and evaluated. Specifically, the representation framework that stores biological characteristics of BSs at the holistic perspective of ‘physical, biological, and ecological relations’ is redesigned and the retrieval system that is operated on the representation framework is implemented for designers. The representation framework was complemented by the systematic indexing mechanisms and the causal model based ontology. This research could dramatically increase the solution space of designers and guide the designers to choose appropriate metaphor from the nature.

Original: https://ct.kaist.ac.kr/upload/files/20180525-KAIST2017R&D-Eng.pdf